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About TCC

Below are the misconceptions about who we are, what we stand for, and work we have already done.

History of TCC

Where did TCC come from?

 It started innocently enough. In the fall of 2020 the Kiel Area School District helped launch a few public diversity meetings in Kiel. Concerned citizens questioned the implication of widespread racism in our community. They also wondered why our district administrator was facilitating these public meetings. It turned out many of us were approaching Dr. Ebert and various board members privately and with discretion, often expressing serious concerns with KASD contemplating bringing in the controversial out of state Great Lakes Equity Center to our schools as a consultant. Citizens were not satisfied with responses to those conversations and later learned of factual discrepancies via open records requests. 

A community member brought a dozen or so unheard citizens together and we learned we were not alone. TCC was born. We spoke to the Board of Education with a larger voice and still more joined our movement, yet our concerns remained unaddressed. Ultimately, we spent 12 days circulating a petition stating our consensus driven concerns, hoping to get 200-300 signatures so the District Administration and the 2021 BOE would finally take us seriously. 


The 837 Petitions 

To our amazement, 837 KASD voters confirmed in writing they didn’t want GLEC/MAPS anywhere near our students either. Now the BOE would have to listen, right? WRONG! Defying all rational thought, after additional months of public feedback, on October 6, 2021, the BOE voted unanimously (Member Olm was not present at that meeting) to disregard the wishes of the 837 voters.


The BOE had been advised publicly for several months that the way GLEC/MAPS describes themselves on their website is deeply disturbing (Link).  What these radicals openly state they believe about “all white people” is in fact racist. One of their stated goals, to dismantle American society including the traditional nuclear family structure, is as absurd as it is dangerous. Their view on educators is just as deeply concerning in this newsletter. (Link)


In a very real way, the 2021 KASD BOE is why TCC exists today. All we initially wanted was the BOE or the District Administrator to respond  “We hear your concerns about GLEC/MAPS and agree they are too controversial and way too radical for our community, so we will find an alternative consultant.” If they would have said that, and followed through, TCC would have probably dissolved and the three incumbent BOE members ousted in the spring 2022 election might still have their positions, and maybe even would have run unopposed. But things happen for a reason. 

Submission of Signatures

We have heard the accusations that the petition and signatures were not real or we only used them to gather names. Yes, they are real and no we did not use this as a way to gather names. We thought if we could show the BOE that the community was against this divisive group, they would listen to us. There are various types of petitions, each one has rules that need to be followed. We used a public purpose petition which does not require a submission. 






The 50.3/100 Report Card

While TCC was sitting in BOE meetings pleading the public’s case, we learned of other issues. For example, in the fall of 2021 we were shocked when the 2020 state report card for our high school came in with an overall score of 50.3/100. Then our independent research revealed that this score was the trend for the last four years, meaning this was not just a result of the Covid Pandemic . Even more amazing, some incumbent supporting citizens publicly described this as “delivering educational excellence”. TCC wants much, much better for our students. TCC believed all this shocking information was critical for voters to know if they were to make an informed decision about their Board of Education representatives. Private citizens agreed and launched a voter education effort for the 2022 elections.


TCC Today

We are unpaid volunteers with very full lives, yet support the district and the community to the best of our ability. We are humbled by all the meaningful participation of other concerned citizens. Together we are making a difference in the KASD.


Our primary concern will always be helping provide the best possible education for the students of the KASD. We will not compromise when it comes to our principles, or the health, safety, and welfare of our children. We believe voters should make educated decisions and our tools are facts with rational arguments. Good systems require good leaders and TCC encourages both in the KASD.


At TCC we listen, we hear, and we get it. We encourage concerned citizens to reach out anytime with their concerns or better yet, join us to make a difference.


TCC is you Kiel!

Myths about TCC

If you are a taxpayer in KASD who is imposing a political or social justice agenda on any students in the KASD, infringing on their constitutional rights, TCC is paying attention. We gather the facts to present to the public for their consideration and our hope is they will be held accountable. If you are truly treating all students with respect, as we know the vast majority are, TCC fully supports and thanks you.

From TCC's inception, we have offered to help the KASD find alternative solutions in education when bullying and racism issues needed to be addressed. TCC presented and handed out information on GLEC to the BOE and community at large, pointing out the CRT materials that violated the KASD policies on racism.

We are not to be feared, we openly encourage dialogue in seeking clarity on issues, even if that means we respectfully agree to disagree.

We do not attack people, but seek truth and accountability in charitable discussions and letters. 


Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for those who oppose our views. We have found those who preach tolerance, inclusivity, and stop the hate are the very least tolerant, exclusive, and very hateful towards anyone who questions or opposes their own viewpoints. (Link 1) (Link 2)

*Interesting how this one shows a fellow community member around Kiel Schools with TNT and six months later we have bomb threats against our schools. FYI, this was a fake Facebook account that was 100% pro-incumbent during the spring 2022 campaign season. (Link)

We are not complaining but asking questions and seeking answers to those questions. Link

Myth #1: TCC Should be Feared

Myth #2: TCC Attacks People

Myth #3: TCC Only Complains

Myth #4: TCC Wants to Censor Books

Myth #5: TCC is Lying About Pornography in Public Spaces

Nothing could be farther from the truth. This is a strawman argument created by the incumbents in the 2022 election cycle and their supporters with absolutely no facts to back it up. The truth is, TCC simply believes that adult content should be restricted from minors and we should err on the side of safety in gray areas.

Elmbrook Schools July 15, 2021


TCC is asking for age appropriate materials and books to be available for students and that adult sexualized content never be placed in our school libraries. This coincides with retail establishments who are not allowed to legally sell "adult" printed materials to minors. The reason we broached the subject during the Spring election is such "text" has been found in numerous school districts in Wisconsin. The latest case is in Oak Creek where "All Boys are Blue" was found in the Oak Creek East Middle School Library. This book contains extremely graphic accounts of sexual intercourse.  Link


TCC objected to a book in the public library that illustrated various sexual positions (see link below). This book was placed in reach of minors in the children's section. TCC believes this book should be available to all children WITH parental consent due to the graphic nature of the content. Regardless of the sexual orientation, TCC believes all sexual content should be monitored and limited when it comes to minors. Visit the following review which goes into greater detail about the reasons why the book is objectionable for minors, specifically 10 year old's. 

**Please be warned, the link contains graphic images, please do not open with minors present. Link


TCC has never accused any teachers of using pornography in school. TCC has only ever advocated to MONITOR for these types of materials so they never end up in our public schools.


If you need more information as to why we are so concerned, please click on the links below. These are just a few of the many examples throughout our country.

Link               Link                  Link              Link              Link

This myth is being propagated by the state registered “independent expenditure committee” political organization known originally as “Elect Best for Kids in KASD” (Link) Maybe you were puzzled by the “Stop the Hate” signs around a few Kiel yards during our summer 2022 fiasco, or saw their hate bracelets. 

When the political agenda inside the Kiel Middle School was exposed internationally this past summer 2022, ElectBFKIK jumped into action trying to bolster the narrative that the story was not about compelled speech or the political weaponization of Title IX legislation against traditional values. They alleged TCC was attacking a transsexual child and the transsexual community at large and we are "far right domestic terrorist grifters," a "hate group," and "toxic." (Link) The story was in fact all about compelled speech. TCC believes in the constitutional protection of freedom of speech and that KASD cannot tell students and families what words they must accept and use. When ElectBFKIK was publicly challenged to name a single “hater” in Kiel, they acquiesced. (Link)

Myth #6: TCC (like so many others in Kiel) are “haters”

Myth #7: TCC is funded by outside sources who don’t even know where Kiel is

Another lie from ElectBFKIK. For the record, all TCC funds received are from private individuals we know personally in the tri-county area, and the meager funds stay here too. We are KASD citizens. We have no funding from outside resources.

Just for the record, there is no conspiracy to take over anything other than BOE seats that are not filled with representatives of our interests. It's the American way. Our goal is to improve academics and culture in the KASD so all students realize their full potential academically and are respected.

Myth #8: TCC intends to destroy KASD and replace it with charter schools


Myth #9: TCC asks too many questions

Myth #10: TCC’s Open Records Requests are a waste of money 

Is it the quantity or the nature of the questions that has some individuals concerned? Great leaders of great systems are generally proud to share their successes. Why are open records requests in KASD routinely slow walked for months? The KASD is a public institution and transparency is essential to a healthy and trustworthy institution.


  • How much did the internationally broadcast sexual harassment investigation fiasco last summer cost KASD tax payers? (Link to ORR)

  • Were the sexual harassment investigations legitimate?    

  • Was the KASD investigative team properly qualified or experienced? (Link to ORR)

  • Could the whole costly bomb threat-filled nightmare have easily been avoided by KASD? (Link)

  • Were the correct policies applied and followed for this specific situation?

  • Were the correct procedures applied and followed for this specific situation?

  • Was there a review done to determine if the policies and procedures were carried out in a timely and appropriate fashion by the investigative team?


The Supreme Court has ruled, the purpose of open records requests is "…to ensure an informed citizenry, vital to the functioning of a democratic society, needed to check against corruption and to hold the governors accountable to the governed."

There is growing trend within public schools to slow walk open records requests to community members who are funding these institutions. Specifically when those requests question the actions or inactions within the district. Link

The implication is that being a “political organization” in America is a bad thing. Since when? Our collective conscious demands we stand up for children. It’s not about partisan politics as our few but vocal detractors accuse us of.  We honestly believe CRT is a real and present danger to the youth of America and the students in the KASD.

TCC approached our District Administrator and the 2021 Board of Education members with our concerns and offers of help, but they simply did not share them. After exhausting all other alternatives, our only choice was to elect leaders who represent our values. We do not hide who we are or what we are trying to accomplish. TCC is a lawfully registered Political Action Committee, and we support great leaders for the KASD that focus on education, not social indoctrination and will create and maintain a district capable of consistently producing well educated, respectable graduates.

Myth #11: TCC is a Political Organization

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