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Critical Race Theory


A basic premise of Critical Race Theory (CRT) is that the United States of America is a fundamentally racist society. CRT claims that the founding of the US and its culture, institutions and white citizens are perpetrators of a racist system known as "white supremacy" which victimizes "people of color" (POC). Proponents of CRT consider the U.S. constitutional Republic and economic system to be illegitimate and advocate for systemic transformation or revolution. The most destructive tenet of CRT is that people's characters and experiences are defined by their racial group identity and demands that all history, culture, education, economics and society be interpreted through a racial lens above all else. In summary, it teaches that all people should be pre-judged by their racial identity and that the overall society must be torn down and rebuilt to achieve “equity”.



White privilege, systemic racism and other concepts are part of this controversial, racist and disputed academic political philosophy, which has its roots in Marxist philosophy.



CRT at American School Counselors Association Conference
July 2022

Gender Ideology

Gender Ideology:


The American Culture is currently flooded with gender ideology issues. The public school system seems to have encouraged the sexual expressions of the students at a very young age. Why is it so important to teach a third grade student the meaning of transgender pronouns? None of this expression has helped with discipline in the classroom or academic success. If anything, the constant bombardment has taken a mental toll on children.


These distractions occur because they are allowed and encouraged. To make matters worse, these issues are often used to divide the students from their parents. An example of this includes not informing parents of their child using various pronouns, identifying as a different gender, and changing their name. When you examine the details of these issues it is truly disturbing.

And wait until it begins to effect the sports teams. Link


The American School Counselors Association has been at the forefront of this agenda.


"ASCA trains school counselors to hide students’ sex and gender preferences from parents. They also partner with radical organizations such as GLSEN and bring in GSA clubs in K-12. These organizations advocate for:


• Pronoun and/or name changes to be hidden from parents

• Transition closets in the classroom without parental knowledge

• Sexually explicit books made available to students

• Transgender topics to be introduced in elementary school



1. Do not allow your child to have any sessions with school counselors without your presence

2. Fill out the 3-day form to ensure your participation in your child’s well being." Link

If you need further confirmation of this, please watch  a few more clips from the July 2022 ASCA Conference. All of the links provided are from Courage is a Habit who went undercover to find out what the ASCA truly believes when it comes to parental rights and pushing these agendas on children.

ASCS Hiding Birth Control

ASCS View Parental Rights

Counselors as Master Manipulators

Story Time

Social Emotional Learning

Please click the links provided to learn more about SEL and how it has been used to push a political agenda in public education. 

*90% of all SEL programs in K-12 take their directives from The Collaborative for Academic and Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) which is an extremely radical organization that is heavily funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

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